My life progress

A lot of time we turn back to see how much ahead we have come... in life. Most of the time things are good.... it’s actually good when you get know that you have move on in right path... and this is call growing up.
I wonder now... because, I never wanted to grow up.... and if you know me properly as a person ;some of you may say- "yes! I have change ... somewhat."
I don’t pretend ...but sometimes, I actually don’t care.
It's  beginning of new financial year... and beginning of new session too. School student and college student have gone to next level.
For me it’s my second year of job...and now being true to my self... I have started taking my responsibility.
A lot of things have also change in my personal life also...
1. I know how to deal with my feelings.
2. I know how t o cook
3. I know how to live alone
4. I know how to  deal with some kind of people...
5. I know to talk to strangers.

Yes have change a lot in this one year.
But there is still…

I can't tell you

A lot of times I cry in my  sleep
I don't know why I still miss you
I left you but your memories remain I am not sure enough
Love is just not good enough
Every time in my life
I see things not so enough Sufficient for you
But in reality we neither are
Things have changed since then
I can't tell when And I am not sure till now
Why some things have changed . You don't need me
I don't know why
I don't Say truth
I don't know why. Just drag things in the way
So neither of us cry
And still I can't tell you Why?

Your one sided love

One sided confess of Love. 

It's have been years since I have not directly said anything in his face.  But in reality I am dying to talk to him....not as someone who once loved him.  Maybe as someone who wants to be friend with out any expectations.
I knew it now why so many people are afraid to confess their love,because  they don't want to loose the person.
Even though someway I am  still connected to him  ,but I have move  ahead of the past that I once had.
I know he is broken inside like me..But his pain can't be cure.  He is still in love with someone  and I have accepted my fate.
If someone asked me whom do you love, Your past or present? ...
I am quite unsure because they both never love me so how could I love them back to the level in which I would do anything for them.
Yes,I am still in one sided love with both of them.....My Past and Present.
I do accept My present but he so unsatisfying..He would give up easily on me and don't even bother.  I am still broken …

Drama v/s reality

कभी कभी मूझे समझ नहीं आता की जिदंगी में इतना suspense क्यों है ।
तु चाहता किसी को, तूझे चाहता कोई और है ।

मैं आज कल बहुत सारे कोरियाई ड्रामा देखने लग गयी हूँ । और ये ड्रामा इतने अच्छे होते है की ये आपको हर किरदार से बांध देते है ।
आज कल जो कोरियाई ड्रामा मेरा सबसे प्रिय है वह है strong woman do bong soon. इस ड्रामा कीं खास बात यह है कि इस ड्रामा में प्रमुख पात्र एक औरत है ।
वह चाहती किसी और को है, और उसे चाहता कोई और है ।

कभी कभी ये ड्रामा मुझे मेरी कहानी सा लगता है पर मैं फिर कहानी के अंत के बारे में सोचने लगती हूँ । यही की मेरी  जिंदगी में भी कई किरदार आने है और इतने जल्दी मैं अंत तक नहीं सोच सकती । हो सकता है कि मेरी जिंदगी कोई नया हीरो आ जाए । या फिर मेरी कहानी के हीरो को पता चल जाए कि मैं हीरोइन हूँ ।😃😂
ये तो जिंदगी है यहाँ कुछ भी हो सकता है । Because it's not scripted by any writer .
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Guilty in love

What  should I do when I feel guilty in love?
Whether I should cry....
Whether I should should Say -"Sorry"

The Right answer is "if you feel guilty in love " than you are not in love 💔👎
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चाँदनी रात (Moon Light)

सब सो चुके थे और मैं जाग रही थी ।रात के समय में सब खामोश होता है और किस को पता कि कौन क्या कर रहा है । मुझे नींद नहीं आ रही थी तो मैंने  सोचा की छत पर धुम आऊ । आज चाँदनी रात थी और खामोशी का मजा कुछ और ही था । उस अंधरे में मुझे अलग सी खुशी महसूस हुई और मैं अपने में खुशी से नाच रही थी ।
कोई भी मुझे अंधरे में भुत समझता । पर वहाँ मेरे आलवा कोई  और मौजूद नहीं था ( ऐसा मुझे लगा था) ।
पर जैसे ही मैं पीछे पलटने लगी तो पड़ोस की छत से एक आदमी की परछाई मेरे ओर देख रही थी ।
मैं अंधरे में खड़ी थी इसलिए उसे यह दिखाई नहीं दिया होगा कि मैं कौन हूँ । अंधरे का फायदा उठाकर मैं वहां से भाग कर कमरे में वापस आ गयी ।
कल सुबह किसे याद रहे गा की अंधरे में कौन था।
वह यही कहेगा की उसने छत पर भूत/ चुड़ैल देखा ।

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Things have changed

March 11, 2017"Things have changed …life review."
Hello reader, it took me long time to write something ethical….
Well! I am very much busy these days because it’s financial year ending. Many of you might be thinking what connection I am having with finance, so let me remind you that I am still working as trainee accountant….. And yes! I am still stuck…..although I don’t hate my job now…because now I have got use to it.
These days i am living alone…. and I don’t have a single human being around me during times when I need them…. I am actually talking about my family and friends.
I don’t know what feelings are as I have turned into a robot who knows only about her works…
But I am enjoying this alone solitude time…..because no one cares whether I am sleeping or awake…..whether dying or living …I can do anything …even dance naked !(just kidding…..but its truth )
I am living on my own…still lazy… cooking. The reason I still want my mother to be with me is food becaus…