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Farewell post

Dear readers,
Thank you for supporting me so far..
I was different person when I started this blog and  I am still a little change person when I am just ending it.
When I look back...I want to mention My motives for starting this blog.

I wanted to share stories of life.  Which I think  I hopefully did. I wanted share my emotions through it. I conveyed some of my secret message thought by it.Yes I want release my stress.

Now I am going one step further. I  want to make little professional way. as I mentioned in my earlier post that I am going to start a new blog which would be interesting to see and read.   I am just doing some work on it so that it look good and approachable.
Till then fare well. I will soon update my work.

I want some new objectives in life….(new plans.)


Love should be real

A lot of times I wonder…will it matters to you.  Or how important I am in your life….I have accepted that it's doesn't matter how  much time we spend together. We are simply trying something to find in each other.
Last time we spend  a little time together…you know it could be more of us together…if you haven't went to play cricket…because I asked you in advance about your schedule.
It shows your commitment…and that's why I don't trust you.
The three Samosas I bought for you …the one which you ate,  the  other which I ate and the third was for sharing our love. That's the  reason I was insisting it that you should eat it.
Last Friday you messaged me….a very rare case…it's was because I simply wooed by your profile pic. And gave 😍gazing look to it.. I complimented you..although I was busy at work.  When you replied….I was like “ok he is there.” I was happy that you some time prefer me…
But than I am worried because everything about you is occasional…

My Dirty 🙊 imagination list./ My Problem list🤔

I am  a deep thoughts have no limits...sometimes it's goes into such a pit that it's difficult for me to come out.  There is are reasons behind these kinds of's actually because I can't stop thinking about others.  My thoughts get influenced by the judgemental feeling of those around me.
I don't want to judge others but when l see the consequences.... I start making predictions which almost/ nearly gets true. It's one of my power.  For example: -  1)I made predictions about separation of two  persons (hint)🤔 . They are not happy together.  My judgement was made on basis of  their  behaviour...and I am feeling guilty as if ; it was I who separated them. 2) It is about the own know once she told me. I have no right to write  about her personal life.  And I think it's right I should not write ..but the only thing is I care about her....and I can't see her being dumped once again.  My own personal life is also a mes…



प्यार कुछ मेरी नजर से

मैं  ये  लेख हिंदी  भाषा  में  इसलिए लिख रही हूँ ताकि  मेरी बात सबको समझ  आए । आज कुछ हुआ जो मुझे प्यार की सही परिभाषा को याद दिलाया।/
तो मैंने सोचा कि क्यों नहीं इस बकवास को  सभी के साथ साझा करू।

मेरे विचार में प्यार में कोई बुराई नहीं ।पर किसी के प्यार  में पड़ना  एक बवकूफी हैं । काफी लोग ये गलती करते हैं ।   मैंने भी यह गलती की ।।।😁😁 पर समझदार वो  है; जो अपनी  और दुसरो की गलती से  सबक  ले। 'जवानी ' ,एक ऐसा समय है ;जब प्यार जैसी गलती मामूली सी बात है । पर जवानी ,ही ऐसा समय जब  एकगलती जिंदगी भर का सबक बन जाती हैं ।  मैंने  एक समय देखा; जब मैं,  एकतरफा प्यार में पड़कर बिखर चुकी थी । उस समय मैंने बहुत गलत फैसले  लिए । पर  इसे पहले मैं अपने भविष्य का सर्वनाश करती, मेरे बड़ों के आशीर्वाद के कारण मैं सम्भल  गई । अब बड़ों का आशीर्वाद का मतलब मैं क्या बताऊ?  वो काफी समझदार लोग समझ ही गए होंगे- जिन्हें गलती करने पर  घर पर छपल  और लाते मिली होगी ।😂😂😂 जी हाँ मुझे भी मेरी माँ ने ऐसे लतड़ा । आज भी जब मैं प्यार जैसे शब्द के बारे में  सोचती हूँ, मुझे माँ क प्यार ही पहले याद आता है । फिर सच्…

Life is never simple .

Life is not about only good things …. It is also about things…which you never expect….

My life is just going through some phase…which I have never expected … although today I am independent … but I feel very much disappointed. It is because; my all imagination about a wonderful life is getting shatter one by one. I am at that point of time where I just want to relax…. But my mind is constantly working…and now it is over loaded. You know what? I know; some day, I will reread my own post and smile on what I am writing. ….So now readers …if you are going to read my post …. I am warning you … it is all about my boring  life reality... Last week of July I was very much busy,  as usual .But I was very much excited for the coming holidays i.e. friendship day and Rakasha Bandhan   . I was already prepared for some shopping and enjoyment. I even asked my boyfriend about...friendshipday; but as you all already know ...I am already tired, with his cold attitude... he said "raksha bandana b…

My thoughts & Life not so good.