Thank God ! We never kissed.

I knew it was our first meet ,
We both were nervous and don't know what to speak.
I smiled and you too ! Because we both were confused .

I was seeing in  your  eyes, you were seeing mine;
''so this is how it feels '' i thought in my mind.
I was in you  and it was  true !

And i thought maybe you were thinking this too,
I asked '' why are so silent ?'' and your reply was like - l caught you , and I knew you were lying.
I tried my best not to laugh because i could see through  your eyes what were thoughts.

For a moment I thought it would  be fun ,
A kiss what i want.

But then you said -'' i am afraid, if you didn't want ''
I thought for second time , and said '' yes , maybe we should wait for right time to come.''

And now i say '' thank God we never kissed, because I want to save it for right one .!''


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