Things have changed

Hello reader, it took me long time to write something ethical….
Well! I am very much busy these days because it’s financial year ending. Many of you might be thinking what connection I am having with finance, so let me remind you that I am still working as trainee accountant….. And yes! I am still stuck…..although I don’t hate my job now…because now I have got use to it.
These days i am living alone…. and I don’t have a single human being around me during times when I need them…. I am actually talking about my family and friends.
I don’t know what feelings are as I have turned into a robot who knows only about her works…
But I am enjoying this alone solitude time…..because no one cares whether I am sleeping or awake…..whether dying or living …I can do anything …even dance naked !(just kidding…..but its truth )
I am living on my own…still lazy… cooking. The reason I still want my mother to be with me is food because… I can’t cook well.
These days music is my best friend…..because it still helping me to survive.
I listen and download a new track everyday…. and I have become huge fan of Asian dramas which include Japan, Taiwanese, Thai, Korean Indian mix videos are my favorite…. Korean/Thai actors are really very cute and handsome….
I have prepared a list of series to see every day during my spare time…
  1. Full house Korean/Thai
  2. Playful kiss/ kiss me
  3. My little lover
  4. The girl and three sweethearts.
And there are more to watch….

Now about my personal love trouble….
I can’t love someone more than myself…I have learn this about myself…..
Going through one sided relationship doesn’t give much more than pain.

Although this time it was not hard because I was not serious from very beginning … I have already told vikas….my first preference is my career and my family which exactly same for his side for his family and himself.
I didn’t have much chance to know him…and yes! I am not ashamed to take his name…no  code this time.
It was not a lovely kind…of relationship…..just a trial date…which took…five years to understand that we couldn’t go together.
I know he will be annoyed …but now who cares…. I am already a spoil brat.
I know describing your personal relationship is highly immature and a big stupidity…. but you know what …my heart is really itching …and I can’t control.
He compared himself with someone who was….
I can’t disclose…much ….it my fault and I am taking blame on my self….
I believe him as good friend…. and may be after reading all these things he may not consider me as one.
I do not hate him …it that things have not gone far between us and I am thankful….
My last poem ‘thank god we never kissed was dedicated to him….

PS…By the way vikas…if you are reading this….. I am sorry for mentioning you in public.


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