Your one sided love

One sided confess of Love. 

It's have been years since I have not directly said anything in his face.  But in reality I am dying to talk to him....not as someone who once loved him.  Maybe as someone who wants to be friend with out any expectations.
I knew it now why so many people are afraid to confess their love,because  they don't want to loose the person.
Even though someway I am  still connected to him  ,but I have move  ahead of the past that I once had.
I know he is broken inside like me..But his pain can't be cure.  He is still in love with someone  and I have accepted my fate.
If someone asked me whom do you love, Your past or present? ...
I am quite unsure because they both never love me so how could I love them back to the level in which I would do anything for them.
Yes,I am still in one sided love with both of them.....My Past and Present.
I do accept My present but he so unsatisfying..He would give up easily on me and don't even bother.  I am still broken but he mended me to some extent.  And I don't know whether I would be ok if he find Someone else.
Whenever I cry; I always feel like  dying to talk to Someone who knows.....but sad part is no one knows. Not even them...they can't even make any effort to make me smile and thus,  I know I should not expect much because...I am in one sided Love.

I dream about my Past about how we use to like drawings and  I talk to  My Present that how tough situations are.... But both of them don't even know what is in my heart.

Can someone just tell them how much I miss both of them.None them care and hence,I  know that I am in one sided Love.



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