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MY photography collection

First close Encounter with the chief minister at Mukya Mantri Kanya Daan Yojana.

I am quite excited today. Sometimes we don’t know what would happen with you or what can happen in a day.
Today I woke up late; because, I was suffering from monthly(girls)  problems.
As usual I was lazy... and there was no one who could pull me out of my messy bed.

At 7 am I hurried up and took bath to look like human again ... I knew that some chief guest is coming in office and it’s better to look good and plain.
I did my usual household work and went to office...
I am a trainee account officer and most the inexperienced in my whole office.
I never I thought to go upfront in any kind of work... and I think my boss already knew that so, he hadn’t given me any more risky/ much responsible  work yet...but this time I was given a responsibility to handle background food and drinks for VIP guests.
I don’t have idea who were they (VIPs)... I just had to store sufficient  food and snacks.
There was Mukya Mantri Kanya Daan Yojana (common marriage programme for women’s ....
And as I ente…

My life progress

A lot of time we turn back to see how much ahead we have come... in life. Most of the time things are good.... it’s actually good when you get know that you have move on in right path... and this is call growing up.
I wonder now... because, I never wanted to grow up.... and if you know me properly as a person ;some of you may say- "yes! I have change ... somewhat."
I don’t pretend ...but sometimes, I actually don’t care.
It's  beginning of new financial year... and beginning of new session too. School student and college student have gone to next level.
For me it’s my second year of job...and now being true to my self... I have started taking my responsibility.
A lot of things have also change in my personal life also...
1. I know how to deal with my feelings.
2. I know how t o cook
3. I know how to live alone
4. I know how to  deal with some kind of people...
5. I know to talk to strangers.

Yes have change a lot in this one year.
But there is still…