First close Encounter with the chief minister at Mukya Mantri Kanya Daan Yojana.

I am quite excited today. Sometimes we don’t know what would happen with you or what can happen in a day.
Today I woke up late; because, I was suffering from monthly(girls)  problems.
As usual I was lazy... and there was no one who could pull me out of my messy bed.

At 7 am I hurried up and took bath to look like human again ... I knew that some chief guest is coming in office and it’s better to look good and plain.
I did my usual household work and went to office...
I am a trainee account officer and most the inexperienced in my whole office.
I never I thought to go upfront in any kind of work... and I think my boss already knew that so, he hadn’t given me any more risky/ much responsible  work yet...but this time I was given a responsibility to handle background food and drinks for VIP guests.
I don’t have idea who were they (VIPs)... I just had to store sufficient  food and snacks.
There was Mukya Mantri Kanya Daan Yojana (common marriage programme for women’s ....
And as I entered the office I didn’t found a person in entire co staffs was busy in preparation.
I quietly entered in my room and sat on my chair/ place ... no one to disturbed I thought... it was my first time...and I don’t know how to participate in such functions.
I just sat in my cabin until one my senior officer asked me “what’s going on?” let me tell  you this officer is the one, with whom I shared my office cabin and he is my office guide... he usually guides me in everything . He told me today’s work schedule and I just nodded and said “ok, sir”. He trusted me....but he didn’t know how clumsy I am.
I spend half of the day dozing in my cabin, sometimes I do get alert when anyone asked meabout any thing.... I am mostly clumsy at responding also....
Anyhow I completed all my office work and then it was time for programme too ... I was background/ less active worker I  sat at my seat waiting for orders.
The main director /  board member just arrived and she is woman... being of same gender makes us close... because we are surrounded by male officer ..  I asked “how is she doing?”
I am not much talkative ...  just had some usual chats and went to my cabin...again   because I was given charge of all food things...that were in cabin.
Later  my boss order/ asked to me to sit with director madam because she got alone and no one was there to talk to her.  I followed his orders and but before that I did a mistake....
(And the mistake I made was I didn’t place foods and snacks in plates). Because I got busy in being friendly with director Madam that I forget to do my job....
I should have gotten scolding for it.....but my officer guide... handled the situation well I was safe .. (I am sorry sir, it was my first time).

 The good thing  that happen was I saw CM of my state first time from  close ....he was the VIP who actually entered my office (Krishi Upaj mandi Nasarullaganj) . I got to know much later because I was told some  VIP guest would come but no proper name,&  was told, he could be any officer or  MLA . ... It was my first time seeing him from close...15 ft . I was not able to take any close shot/ picture  security people pushing &... because of the crowd... !  I was excited that I forgot I was an officer in duty.
P.S:- the things I didn’t mention above about  today’s happening are as follow:-
1. I am single female officer and youngest officer in my office  thus no field work was  given to me.
2. I am very shy and introvert in office. So, they asked me to sit with director madam. Because we both are woman and have this similarity in nature.
3. I don’t know how to  be presentable / public relations problem.
4. The only place I can rest is my I was dozing during work.
5. No, one bothers me unless they had some work with me.
6. It  rained for 20 minutes which changed the temperature. I was already feelinf sick.
7. I know what wrong I did.
8.     I am  fool ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿค. Who couldn't act right.I still behave like child.


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