My life progress

A lot of time we turn back to see how much ahead we have come... in life. Most of the time things are good.... it’s actually good when you get know that you have move on in right path... and this is call growing up.
I wonder now... because, I never wanted to grow up.... and if you know me properly as a person ;some of you may say- "yes! I have change ... somewhat."
I don’t pretend ...but sometimes, I actually don’t care.
It's  beginning of new financial year... and beginning of new session too. School student and college student have gone to next level.
For me it’s my second year of job...and now being true to my self... I have started taking my responsibility.
A lot of things have also change in my personal life also...
1. I know how to deal with my feelings.
2. I know how t o cook
3. I know how to live alone
4. I know how to  deal with some kind of people...
5. I know to talk to strangers.

Yes have change a lot in this one year.
But there is still confusion in my mind....and in that confusion I have deleted some of my precious post ...)

I am still dealing with confusion  of complex love life....although nowadays I am happy with my current situation ... I have once again started taking interest in men...(Thinking of marriage).  
Although I am already in confused relationship ....but I don’t regret in taking another chance ....because of my current situation.
A week before ,I once again started dating ...and I know he (my secret boyfriend) feels it too....but he is little shy to say it.
Another good thing happened was that,  I mended some broken relationship ....I became friend with someone(ex crush)...who once broke me...although I still feel awkward sometimes but ,as I want things to be good I made my mind to move on positive side...
I have some feelings  which I can’t deny ... and fact is they both will never accepted me as the way am ... I compare both of them in every aspect ....and I say 50/ neither of these persons wants be my pair off (or I should say none of them show much interest in being my partner). Who cares ... if they are embarrassed by my writing skills ?

Ps. things are getting well.... an if you are my follower who read my every post... thanks for following😁.... please reply through comments...So that I could write more updates and silly stories of my life...)🤔🤔  


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