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Remembering the past you.(open letter).


After One Year of Job.


Truth of my life

What is the truth of my life.
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Current status “confused about marriage”

Dear readers,

  Thank you for reading.... well I actually don’t know how many of you read my post seriously/casually....
But still I am happy that some of you read...
So, once again I am writing about my life upside down.....
Last week of May was good....but I should say it was a little
Theatrical... I mean I have to face a lot of things...
•My widower landlord, who is also my co worker, has recently remarried ...his new wed wife is lot younger than him (she is 28) and because of their age variation, they have understanding problems.
•Although sir (landlord) has a very supportive nature but sometimes when he discusses his problem as a colleague with me I find him very less tolerant toward his new wife.
•I once told him he should consider hundred times before getting remarried ... he may have to adjust a lot and there may be some differences.
•On other hand when I met my new landlady I too find her narrow-minded & intolerant . I can't say much as I have just met her few days a…