After One Year of Job.

Hi! Everyone, I know I am not a good blogger and whatever I post is mostly related to my life and problems I am facing. Many of you might not understand what problems I am talking about and to understand that You have to read both of my blogs deeply... anyways. I don't want you all to do so..
Today I am going to post something about how I feel in my  know I have completed my one year of training so I think I should describe  about it...
   It was 29 March 2016 when I officially joined my office...before that I have never worked under any institution as an employee. I was new and young woman. I don’t know about any work culture.(they treated me like an alien from another planet... I thought may  be because, I speak different accent Hindi...not dehati type !)
v After four months I took my charge as an accountant... (Still under training). As if I took throne from the king, to become lifelong servant of the kingdom. I was guided but I was still afraid to take my responsibility ...I was scolded ...criticized and misunderstood.
v I have separated myself from my family because I have to give more time to work.(my family was more worried about me...and I thought I got my freedom....later I understood it was not was  just another burden.
v I got use too it...(being scolded and misinterpret) I actually hear what I understand...and you know what I can’t understand them;  when they scolded or making fun about me. Later I got use to everything .
v I found out that I have thyroid problems because of my hereditary family condition... which mean hyper tension and depression. Still suffering and sometimes I think doctor prescribed me wrong medicine when I dozed in my office.
v I worked hard, but still felt stranger in my office. It obvious because I am only working woman n officer in office..I started disliking my job...
v Office was shifted to different area on 28th January ...I was given a stuffed place ...which was stored with files.... I was put in last corner...If you ever visit me you will understand...why? Because I don’t like meeting people’s. I feel that it was a conspiracy of my boss to take best room and shift me in a dull corner although the place suited me...I like living in mess.
v  I started understanding my boss....I start giving him attention although I still hated ruthless attitude he keep showing me. He keeps insulting through words like a sailor . But I am getting along with him, no grudge because I know he works harder than me.
v  I passed my first departmental exam...was least scorer, but I did my best. It was all guess work which actually worked... and the whole paper was written in Hindi I don’t know what I have written... with all grammatical mistakes
v  I started losing my health....became much thinner(skinny) than I used to be .. and now I can’t give up. People have started pointing out my health...and some says I should get married soon ...shaadi ke baad mote ho jawoge....nonsense  I know about hormonal changes.
So, this how my job life is. I am going through many tough situations....sometimes I am enjoying it...when I make my own salary from my hands...and sometimes I want to kick every person who brings pain in my life.


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