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Life is never simple .

Life is not about only good things …. It is also about things…which you never expect….

My life is just going through some phase…which I have never expected … although today I am independent … but I feel very much disappointed. It is because; my all imagination about a wonderful life is getting shatter one by one. I am at that point of time where I just want to relax…. But my mind is constantly working…and now it is over loaded. You know what? I know; some day, I will reread my own post and smile on what I am writing. ….So now readers …if you are going to read my post …. I am warning you … it is all about my boring  life reality... Last week of July I was very much busy,  as usual .But I was very much excited for the coming holidays i.e. friendship day and Rakasha Bandhan   . I was already prepared for some shopping and enjoyment. I even asked my boyfriend about...friendshipday; but as you all already know ...I am already tired, with his cold attitude... he said "raksha bandana b…