Life is never simple .

Life is not about only good things …. It is also about things…which you never expect….

My life is just going through some phase…which I have never expected … although today I am independent … but I feel very much disappointed.
It is because; my all imagination about a wonderful life is getting shatter one by one.
I am at that point of time where I just want to relax…. But my mind is constantly working…and now it is over loaded.
You know what? I know; some day, I will reread my own post and smile on what I am writing.
….So now readers …if you are going to read my post …. I am warning you … it is all about my boring  life reality...
Last week of July I was very much busy,  as usual .But I was very much excited for the coming holidays i.e. friendship day and Rakasha Bandhan   .
I was already prepared for some shopping and enjoyment. I even asked my boyfriend about...friendshipday; but as you all already know ...I am already tired, with his cold attitude... he said "raksha bandana baane jaana hai?"....he didn't say" friendship day baanane jana hai.."
I seriously dropped the Idea of being with him there only.
Than I asked my college buddies...but they were busy... I also asked one of my close friend but she was busy with something else.. you know time change person preference. 
But after all this I knew there is one person I could go around...and she was my dear sister (shopping  jo karni thi) And I really spend lot with her. 
Even though I was happy...but the things  which made me sad was-WHY ?.. I have to depend on some people for my happiness. 
I left there ....because they don't put me in there view so, why would I hang on them .
From that day I have stopped giving importance to persons who don't show any signs of preference for me.
The first person I am ditching is.... I don't know why...I think I still care...because I consider him my boyfriend... but he consider me as friend. (NOT even sure of that).
The second person is one of the close my friend....I have shared  so many good time with her  ....but I feel jealous of her, (lots of time ) because she enjoys things without me...So this time I should leave her.
I was feeling bad about why every one busy with something else.
  But than also I can't stop myself self from thinking about a person.  I wished him...he replied that's  it. Baat this is  how friendship day ended. 
Next day I buyed Rakhi gifts for my brother....ohh I  have brother too. Actually this Rakhi day is only day...I   give importance to my brother...otherwise...I think he is an alien...I don't talk to him. 
I also gifted gifts to my sister...bheno ko pyar aur shopping karana chaiye. 

....thus my week went well.

 Second week of August also went problem....the only thing that happened is..Saarah..anonymous message App. That is in trend. 
I was going to install it on mobile..than two things worried me...1. Letting unknown person access me  ...2 getting insulted for being real.
I still will message me.. so I am just waiting for right call. 

It's last  second week of August ...and I am under the burden of my life...
 Sometimes  I wish I get married to a person who can cook for me..take care of me like Good a wife..although he would always be my a good husband.....and the last thing I am not getting married. 
P.S. 👆👆 the about statement is totally influence by a drama "tu suraj main saanjh Piyaji"


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