My Dirty 🙊 imagination list./ My Problem list🤔

I am  a deep thoughts have no limits...sometimes it's goes into such a pit that it's difficult for me to come out. 
There is are reasons behind these kinds of's actually because I can't stop thinking about others.  My thoughts get influenced by the judgemental feeling of those around me.
I don't want to judge others but when l see the consequences.... I start making predictions which almost/ nearly gets true. It's one of my power. 
For example: -
  •  1)I made predictions about separation of two  persons (hint)🤔 . They are not happy together.  My judgement was made on basis of  their  behaviour...and I am feeling guilty as if ; it was I who separated them. 
  • 2) It is about the own know once she told me. I have no right to write  about her personal life.  And I think it's right I should not write ..but the only thing is I care about her....and I can't see her being dumped once again. 
My own personal life is also a mess.  I have done so many mistakes..."it's true! I have no right to judge." But they are just my views...I am not ashamed of my feelings....but I am always confused. That is the reasons I have question Mark ?  expression in my face every time. 
I know ; I have less number of readers...but it would be interesting if any of them could just  share there experiences with me regarding the following questions: -
  1. Have they fall in one-sided love? 💘
  2. If you  never had desire   to be kissed? 💏
  3. Always fall for wrong person? 
  4. Have been dumped more than twice? 🖓
  5. Feelings cheated by life.👎👎 
  6. Want to kill someone one very badly. 🗡🗡
  7. Your boss never gives you holiday. 📉📆🗒
  8. Your crush loves someone else. 😝🙏
  9. Don't want to get married. 💝💝
  10. Want to get power to control your life. 
  11. Want to have money without hard work  
Hope some of you comment/inbox/ email  me at-  
Or Mycovertlife.wordpress 
To help me out. 
PS :- Wishing happy Diwali in advance. 💣💣


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