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I want some new objectives in life….(new plans.)


Love should be real

A lot of times I wonder…will it matters to you.  Or how important I am in your life….I have accepted that it's doesn't matter how  much time we spend together. We are simply trying something to find in each other.
Last time we spend  a little time together…you know it could be more of us together…if you haven't went to play cricket…because I asked you in advance about your schedule.
It shows your commitment…and that's why I don't trust you.
The three Samosas I bought for you …the one which you ate,  the  other which I ate and the third was for sharing our love. That's the  reason I was insisting it that you should eat it.
Last Friday you messaged me….a very rare case…it's was because I simply wooed by your profile pic. And gave 😍gazing look to it.. I complimented you..although I was busy at work.  When you replied….I was like “ok he is there.” I was happy that you some time prefer me…
But than I am worried because everything about you is occasional…